Performing Arts School Career Guidance

Performing Arts School Career Guidance

We have collected articles, directories, and other resources to provide you with additional information about performing arts careers, schools, and the programs they offer.

A career in the performing arts may not always be as illustrious as one might think. Stage performers and professional musicians are often a far cry from what's considered rich and famous. Being a professional performer takes talent, determination, dedication and — often times — luck. It is a profession comprised of an estimated 500,000 individuals with a passion for performing and entertaining others. While the performing arts is largely something learned through no better teacher than one's own stage experience, a formal education can be beneficial as well.

Individuals interested in pursuing a career in the performing arts are presented with a myriad of educational opportunities including certificate, bachelor's, and masters programs. Performing arts is more than acting, dancing, and singing; a huge part of the profession is business and management related. Countless schools offer programs in acting, ballet, choreography, dance, drama, music, production, stage management, and theater management along with numerous others.

Upon graduation performing artists will find job growth to be average. While openings exist, competition is extremely stiff because there are always more performers than there are roles for them to fill. For this and other reasons, performing arts may not be for everyone. However, it's always wise in performing arts and related professions to get started with a solid education! was created to supply aspiring performing artists with details regarding the profession, to find the right school, and to help them get a great start in this alluring career.

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