Performing Arts Careers, Jobs & Salaries

Performing Arts Careers, Jobs & Salaries

There are numerous jobs within the performing art including acting, dancing, and singing. While the performing arts are primarily learned through practice and performance, a formal education provides a solid base in the fundamentals of the profession which can give a competitive edge in regards to jobs and salary. Usually, performing artists start out working long, hard hours with low pay. Those who are persistent can usually climb up into more prestigious, higher paying roles over time!

Some lines of work in the performing arts include:

  • Acting
  • Ballet
  • Choreography
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Production
  • Stage Management
  • Theater Management

The roles of the performer are numerous. They will work on the stage, be heard on the radio, and seen on television and in movies. Usually, there are more performers than there are jobs, so work may be hard to come by. Additionally, many face the pressure of an often unstable employment future, but for many, it is a part of the excitement that goes along with the job.

The Performing Arts, a large part of which is business-oriented, has several non-performance roles of significance. Directors, Producers, and Management personnel will find an increasing demand for their skills in coming years as the industry continues to grow. Individuals with expertise in development and grant writing will find plenty of employment in the performing arts.

Salaries in the performing arts vary significantly. Some factors effecting salary include the performers experience level and the type of performance. Examples of median salaries are:

  • Actors: $11.28/hour
  • Choreographers: $33,670/year
  • Dancers: $8.54/hour
  • Producers & Directors: $52,840/year
  • Musicians & Singers: $17.85/hour

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