Performing Arts Career Statistics

Performing Arts Career Statistics
  • As of 2004, actors, directors, and producers in the U.S. held about 157,000 jobs. These were mostly in the broadcasting, film and performing arts.
  • Employment in the performing arts is more likely during the fall and spring seasons; additionally, these jobs are concentrated in major cities.
  • One-quarter of actors, directors, and producers, and directors are self-employed.
  • 38,000 people worked as professional dancers and choreographers in 2004, with one-fifth of them being self-employed.
  • Dancers and choreographs are up against stiff competition and only the best find good jobs.
  • Median earnings as of 2004 were $33,670/year for choreographers and $6.71 to $15.62/hour for dancers.
  • In 2004, U.S. musicians and singers held 249,000 jobs.
  • 40% of musicians and singers worked part time; approximately one-half were self employed; one-quarter were employed by performing arts companies; and 2/3rd's were employed by religious groups.
  • According to statistics from May, 2004, the median average hourly wage for musicians and singers was $17.85.

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