Performing Arts Career Specialties

Performing Arts Career Specialties


Actors perform in movies, radio, stage, and television. Additionally, some work as “extras”, do voiceover work, and teach in colleges and universities.


Choreographers create and implement new dance moves and/or reinvent old dance moves. They also audition and instruct performers.


Dancers perform in many settings, including musicals, and are often diverse in the styles of dance they perform. While some of the best dancers may perform as a solo act, they most often perform as a group.


Directors interpret scripts, audition and choose cast actors, schedule and execute rehearsals, direct cast & crew, and articulate concepts for set & costume designers.


Musicians may perform in one or many different styles of music in a live setting. Additionally, many musicians are “studio” musicians which are heard only on recordings.


Producers oversee business and financial decisions of stage productions, television shows, and movies. They also select scripts, hire directors & cast members, and negotiate contracts amongst several other duties.


Singers utilizing their understanding of harmony, melody, and voice production perform lyrics to music in their own style or in character.

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