Degrees in the Performing Arts

Degrees in the Performing Arts

To work in performing arts, there are no degree or licensure requirements. While degree programs are readily available, aspiring performers must also have a strong sense of drive and natural talent. Many people with performing art talent opt to pursue a degree program to gain additional training in their field of choice, as well as to get a general education.


Budding thespians have a wide variety of bachelor and master degree programs available to them throughout the United States and beyond. 135 programs are accredited (as of November 2006) by the National Association of Schools of Theatre Degree titles include bachelor of arts and master of fine arts in theatre arts, musical theatre, and acting.


Both bachelor and master degree programs are available in dance. Approximately 60 dance programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance Many schools also offer an option for a teaching certificate for those interested in teaching dance.


Undergraduate and graduate degrees in music are available from colleges and conservatories around the world. Students can specialize in a particular instrument, including their own voice, or study musical theory and composition. Options for teaching certificates are also common.


Aspiring broadcasters can pursue a four-year degree in broadcast journalism from a college or university, or study the art at a certificate program. Degree programs in radio broadcasting are available for those specifically interested in that medium. A degree typically isn't required for employment, though most seek one out as they provide ample opportunities for on-air experience.

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